Georg A. Whist

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Whist previously held the position as CFO in Hafnia Tankers Aps in Copenhagen following 18 years with Nordea Bank as SVP and Head of Europe, Asia & Middle East of Nordea Bank’s Shipping, Offshore and Oil Service. Mr. Whist has been the Chief Executive Officer of Gram Car Carriers since 2018.

Gunnar Koløen

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Koløen previously held the position as Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director at Dolphin Drilling (Singapore). Mr. Koløen also held the position as General Manager of Gram Car Carriers (Singapore) 2009-11 and served as a Director of the Company from 2012 to 2020. Gunnar started his professional career with KPMG and qualified as a State Authorised Public Accountant from Norway.

Børre Mathisen

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mathisen previously worked at Hoegh Autoliners from 1996 where he held various positions, including two periods in Japan in charge of Commercial Operations in East Asia. Mr. Mathisen joined Gram Car Carriers in 2013.

Mas Gram

Head of Projects

Mr. Gram previously worked for Tankers international (The VLCC pool) and Tufton Oceanic (Fund Management company) in London before Pareto Securities (Corporate Finance) in Singapore. Mr. Gram joined Gram Car Carriers in 2011.